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A new Flash

2010-01-24 20:25:14 by Bjarnster

I created a new flash today, hope it gets approved

its called Interview with Letterman.

BTW i could not find a decent GIF icon so please dont blam just because of that !!

A new Flash

im lazy

2008-11-29 17:39:07 by Bjarnster

Hello. i haven't bin working on the new peanut head flash for a few weeks, ive bin really busy with other stuff (well not really) ive just bin tired and i havent bin doing things lately, ive just bin on MSN and nothing actually else (well maybe ive bin playing a few video games) but im gonna start working on it so it should be up maybe .....ummm........ January or somethin so......... bye


2008-10-22 13:53:53 by Bjarnster

hi im started work on the new ''Peanut Head''. now you guy's just go on and have a wonderfull day ;D

xD im super ultra ginormagantuin happy

2008-10-12 19:28:04 by Bjarnster

my first flash got through i cant believe it omg omg omg im super ultra ginormagantuin happy right now.

but some reviews were very bad and for that im kinda sad but there were also a few good ones like the people who gave me 4 or higher so im started work on the new one wich will be ALOT better then the 1st one and maybe ill add voices in ..... so have a nice day

first soon

2008-08-21 15:39:57 by Bjarnster

hey my 1st flash will be out in a little long while i didn't get the flash when i expected to get it but i have thought that it would be a new series called ''Peanut Head''


2008-05-20 17:32:57 by Bjarnster

hi im bjarnster ''DURB'' i am from iceland ''DURB'' i am kinda funny (or thats what my friends say) ''DURB'' NO WAY!!!! '' DURB''